Prenatal education
I will visit with you 2-3 times before your birth to provide education about pregnancy and labor, assist you in creating a birth plan, and teach you comfort measures for labor.
Available 24 hours a day 3 weeks before due date until delivery
I will be available by phone or text 24 hours a day for whatever support you need three weeks before your due date until your delivery.
Support during labor
I will be present during your labor, typically once you are in active labor, but sooner if that is your desire. Labor support includes guiding you and your partner into labor positions, providing comfort measures, supporting you and your partner emotionally, and supporting you as you advocate to the medical team for your desires.
Postpartum support
I will stay with you immediately after your baby is born to assist you with breastfeeding, if that is part of your plan, and to make sure you and your partner are doing well.
Postpartum at home
Once you return home I will come visit to check on you and your new baby, discuss your birth journey, and assist with breastfeeding if desired. I will also be available via phone or text for two weeks after the birth of your baby.
Cost for services