My journey to becoming a birth doula began in 2014 when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. Before I even became pregnant I did a lot of research into healthy pregnancy and delivery. One aspect of that care included hiring a doula to walk with my husband and me through labor and delivery. I had a desire to use as few medical interventions as possible, and I believed a doula would be helpful in achieving that goal. My labor and delivery did end up including some interventions I was originally hoping to avoid, however, having my doula walk the journey with me and encourage and reassure me along the way gave me peace with the outcome. After becoming a mother and experiencing how transformative not only becoming a mother is, but also experiencing the profound impact childbirth has on the beginning of that parenting journey I decided to pursue becoming a birth doula. I became a certified birth doula through DONA International in 2017. In 2018 I gave birth to my second son, again with the support of a doula. This time around labor progressed in a way that I was able to birth my son without any interventions or medications. He decided to come quickly and was born in the shower where the midwife caught him and placed him right into my arms. Walking alongside families in their journey to welcoming a new baby is a beautiful privilege, and I truly can’t imagine a greater honor. My desire as a doula is to support my clients in whatever their desires are for pregnancy, labor, delivery, and immediately postpartum. Every mother has the freedom to choose what she believes is best for her and her baby, whether that includes medication or an unmedicated birth. Experiencing labor with and without medication has given me insight and understanding into both of these paths. Through prenatal education and support I strive to help my clients create a plan that will give them the information and tools they need to have a successful journey. At this time I serve clients as a doula through the Birthjourneys Doula Collective and through Pamela’s Doula Services. For the remainder of 2022 I will be on maternity leave for the birth of my third baby. Please consider http://www.birthjourneys.org for a collective of amazing doulas!